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24.09.2018 09:47 More Than 12,000 Offtake Points in Central Slovakia Without Electricity
Zilina, September 24 (TASR) - Strong winds have caused more extensive electricity outages in central Slovakia on Monday morning and there are currently over 12,000 offtake points without electricity, TASR was told by spokesman for the regional power distributor Stredoslovenska Distribucna (SSD) Zilina Miroslav Gejdos. The most affected localities include the surroundings of Banska Bystrica, ... more >
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24.09.2018 07:30 Scheduled Events for M O N D A Y, September 24
BRATISLAVA 09.00 tripartite session Government Office, Namestie slobody NEW YORK **** Slovak President Andrej Kiska to visit the USA and deliver a speech at the UN General Assembly ATHENS **** Slovak Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko visits Greece BERLIN **** Slovak Interior Minister Denisa Sakova to meet her German counterpart Horst Seehofer to discuss the alleged abduction of a Vietnamese ... more >
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