Duslo Sala Launched New Ammonia Production Plant, Investment Reaches €310 mn
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Duslo Sala Launched New Ammonia Production Plant, Investment Reaches €310 mn

      Sala, September 12 (TASR) - Duslo Sala has officially opened a new ammonia production plant on Wednesday, with the investment in the factory called Ammonia 4 amounting to €310 million, TASR learnt on Wednesday.
      As early as 2014, the Government approved a tax incentive for this investment worth up to a maximum of €58 million over ten years.
      Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) said that also this move made Agrofert group, owner of Duslo Sala, carry out the investment in Slovakia. "More than 2,000 employees work here today, and when the Government was deciding in the past whether to provide an investment incentive in the form of a tax relief, it had to take into account an announced decision of this company that in the event of failure, it would build this investment in Germany or the Czech Republic," noted Pellegrini.
      According to the premier, this would seriously jeopardise employment in the whole region. "That's why I consider the Government's decision in 2014 to be very good and, also thanks to this decision, we're now launching the most modern operation that exists in this area in the world, which gives a great guarantee to people and their families that they will be able to work here for a long time," he stated.
      Pellegrini's words were also confirmed by Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Duslo Sala Petr Blaha. "The lifetime of this ammonia production technology is 40 years at maximum. Our previous one was 45 years old. If we had put it out of operation and hadn't built a new one, it would have been basically the end of Duslo. Because we wouldn't be able to ensure from other sources, for example, from Austria, Germany or the Czech Republic, the amount of ammonia that we would need to maintain the same production volume and, therefore, the same employment. So it would have been the end of this company. In other words, there would probably remain only a distribution operation that would buy and sell some fertilisers," stated Blaha.


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