Grendel: Senior Constitutional Officials Knew about Slovak Lead in Kidnapping
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Grendel: Senior Constitutional Officials Knew about Slovak Lead in Kidnapping

      Bratislava, September 12 (TASR) - The Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) provided information about the kidnapping of Vietnamese former state manager Trinh Xuan Thanh to several senior constitutional officials immediately it learnt about the Slovak lead, Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee for the Supervision of the SIS Gabor Grendel (Ordinary People/OLaNO) told journalists on Wednesday after the committee meeting.
      The SIS soon learnt about the abduction itself, which happened in Germany, and about the Slovak connection later.
      Grendel didn't specify the time when the SIS learnt about the possible involvement of Slovakia in the Vietnamese kidnapping. "They knew after a few days that the kidnapping happened but didn't know that there was a Slovak connection. As soon as the SIS obtained the information that Slovakia might have been abused or involved in the abduction, it informed several senior constitutional officials," said Grendel. He's convinced that the kidnapping is a case of the Interior Ministry.
      The investigation of the case hasn't been completed yet, and Grendel as an Opposition MP believes that we'll learn the truth. "I believe that given the fact that it's being investigated by German bodies, we'll learn the entire truth about the kidnapping and it'll also be investigated whether and what governmental representatives failed," he added. Asked whether the SIS failed, he said that we must wait for investigation results.
      Committee members were provided with information by SIS head Anton Safarik. He didn't say anything specific to journalists. "I answered all questions of the committee," he noted when leaving the session.
      The case of the Vietnamese abduction is also being investigated by Slovak law enforcement bodies.


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