Kazimir: Imrecze Should Attend Finance Committee Session Next Wednesday
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Kazimir: Imrecze Should Attend Finance Committee Session Next Wednesday

      Bratislava, September 12 (TASR) - Financial Administration (tax office) president Frantisek Imrecze should attend a session of the parliamentary finance and budget committee on Wednesday (September 19), Finance Minister Peter Kazimir (Smer-SD) told media ahead of the Cabinet session on Wednesday.
      At the session Imrecze should explain the situation around findings of the European Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) concerning undervalued Chinese textile imports worth almost €300 million.
      On Monday (September 10) Kazimir asked Imrecze to attend a session of the aforementioned committee. "According to information available to me, he agreed with the committee head it will happen next Wednesday," said Kazimir.        
      Meanwhile, Kazimir said he'll subsequently inform the media on his next steps. "I would like to publicly promise that based on the course and conclusions of the committee's session, I will publicly comment on the issue on the next day by 12 a.m., meaning next Thursday (September 20)," said Kazimir. He stressed that Imrecze has a right to defend himself and that Opposition parties should respect it.    
      Imrecze said on Tuesday (September 11) he intends to meet a top representative of OLAF in order to harmonise OLAF stances in terms of methodology for calculating additional duty and our responses. I also want to arrive at an agreement about the next course of action as part of the mutual dialogue.
      The Financial Administration director told a news conference on Tuesday (September 11) that the European Commission (EC) has not launched any proceedings against Slovakia and isn't claiming any money from it, either. However, Slovakia is holding a discussion on the problem involving the so-called undervaluing of goods imported into the EU from countries outside Europe.
      According to Imrecze, OLAF at the turn of 2014 and 2015 determined a methodology for setting the customs value of high-risk goods such as textiles and footwear from Asia, chiefly from China. Based on this methodology, it also calculated the duty that hadn't been collected by EU-member states for the previous two years when the methodology wasn't yet in force. Slovakia rejects this procedure. "We don't intend to accept that we should pay this customs debt, and we'll use all tools available to us to defend our corner," stressed Imrecze.

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